How do I compete against Chewy and Amazon and keep my customers loyal?

As a local retailer, you bring convenience and service to your customers that the online competition will never have. Bag loyalty programs have proven their ability to repeatedly drive customers into your store. Pet Rewards POS tracks and notifies customers of their redemption status. You also become more competitive by offering Buy Online- Pick up In-store. Pet Rewards POS can directly communicate with most major E-commerce platforms. Once your customer makes the purchase, the system will notify you, and one of your staff can pick the order and have it ready when the customer arrives.  This will enable your business to offer faster and more quality service to your customers, thus negating the convenience of Chewy and Amazon.

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How is Pet Rewards POS different from my manual card-based system?

Pet Rewards POS tracks multiple programs simultaneously automatically at the time of purchase allowing your team to focus on the customer. No more manual tracking, time-consuming tabulation or missed rebates.

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I already use ASTRO for my rebates. Why should I add Pet Rewards POS?

ASTRO has made the tracking of bag loyalty easier than the outdated card-based systems of the past, however without Pet Rewards POS, you still need to rekey the transactions into ASTRO’s portal. Consider Pet Rewards POS to be ASTRO with superpowers! We integrate directly with ASTRO so you don’t need to double enter your transactions. Pet Rewards POS will also help you manage your Inventory, Customers, Sales, and Promotions, Taxes, SKU’s, Tags, Purchase Orders, Online Sales, and much, much more.

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My time is valuable. How can Pet Rewards POS help?

Most retailers are surprised at the amount of time they spend maintaining their bag loyalty program, deciding what inventory to buy, knowing the best time to staff employees, updating prices, creating marketing campaigns, among other things. The minutes spent manually tabulating or double entering transactions add up quickly. And that’s the time that could be spent helping customers. Pet Rewards POS does all the work for you.

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How do I change my approach for customers that want the convenience of shopping online?

Pet Rewards POS is ecommerce ready. With the web integration utility your customers can shop your store 24/7. As a local brick and mortar retailer, your customers gain the added flexibility of picking up in store, using your in-house delivery department or third-party services such as Postmates. Driving customers back into your store is a proven way to build personal relationships with your customers and their pets. This drives an increase in sales.

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How do I use the Pet Rewards POS marketing features to increase my revenue?

Pet Rewards POS can automatically send emails to your existing customers based on their purchasing habits and track the success of your campaigns. Let’s say you have 15 customers that buy a 30lb bag of Blue Mountain Chicken, every month. Pet Rewards POS can send them an email once a month reminding them to come in and purchase that bag from you and offer them 5% off a bag of Dog Friendly Cupcakes if they purchase them at the same time. This improves your customer loyalty (because you remembered what they buy), increases your average transaction, and adds to your revenue (because your cupcakes may be a high margin item.) With “set and forget” capabilities, you design the campaign, set the parameters and let CounterPoint do the rest! Successful campaigns include Pet’s Birthday, Owner’s Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, overstocked items, etc.

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My online competition offers automatic reorders of pet supplies. Is this something that I can do?

Yes! Pet Rewards POS can allow you to set up automatic recurring transactions with your customers. Simply select the customer, choose the products and set the frequency and duration and let Pet Rewards POS do the rest! This will also significantly reduce the chance of your customers buying similar items from your competition thus; reducing attrition and increasing revenue.

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